Windows 8 Portable Workspace, push notifications & other apps discovered

It was not long ago that Windows 8 build 7850 leaked to the web. While this build is an early compilation of the platform, there is a lot under the hood that remains to be discovered. On that front, users over at MDL have been digging through the latest leak and have come across several new features that have yet to be documented.

The latest information suggests that Microsoft will be incorporating push notifications on to the Windows 8 platform. While this feature has become commonplace on smartphones, its adaption to the desktop environment expands the options for developers and could lead to new uses for the technology.

Other new items discovered are a webcam capture application that is denoted by the images above. This pictures also show off a bit of the Metro design language that Microsoft will be incorporating across Windows 8.

Another key feature to be implemented is the 'Portable Workspace'. This feature will allow you to run Windows 8 from a USB storage device. To use this feature though, you must have Windows 8 Enterprise edition. It would appear that this feature will not be available to most end users but this has not been confirmed to be exclusive to the enterprise platform.

While the build leaked was an early compilation of Windows 8, it does show the direction that Microsoft is heading. Currently, there is a newer build 7950 out in the wild, but it has not leaked in full as of yet.

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