Windows 8: What Microsoft didn't talk about

This morning, Microsoft changed everything with the announcement of Windows 8, showing off their latest OS which really is their "biggest bet yet." The company unveilved it's new touch interface, developer tablet PC's and talked about some other new features.

However, at the end of the keynote, a slide was briefly shown entitled "A few things we didn't get to show." Long Zheng from iStartedSomething used the power of magnification to check out some of the extra features, and was able to comprehend the following;

  • Integrated load balancing – if you have multiple active network connections, Windows 8 will intelligently balance the network traffic between them for performance
  • Stereo 3D video and gaming – would suggest native support for stereoscopic display output too
  • Easy discover apps that support a language – would suggest Windows Store will allow browsing by language
  • Filter apps that are accessible – similar to above, for applications that are accessible
  • Start background – there will be the ability to change the Start background (not possible in developer preview)
  • Create Live ID in Windows OOBE – users without Live IDs will be able to create one at the Windows setup
  • Phone as Smartcard – the ability to use Windows Phone as an authenticator for login?
  • Communication over SMS on my PC – the ability to send and receive SMSes?
  • Native support for WIMAX and LTE

All of these features make sense, and we're most excited about the Stereo 3D gaming and Communication via SMS baked right in. It wouldn't be surprising to see SMS baked in, considering tablets will come equipped with a SIM card slot.

You wont have to wait much longer to try it out for yourself, you can download the ISOs from later tonight when the download links go live.

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