Windows 8.1 9374 shows search charm won't take over screen

Earlier this weekend, a new development build of Windows 8.1, version 9374, managed to find its way to Internet file sites. As with the two previously leaked Windows 8.1 builds, many people have been looking to see if any new features have been put inside by Microsoft.

One small but interesting difference has been reported by Sebastian at the Windows4live Twitter account. He has posted a screenshot from the 9374 Windows 8.1 build, seen above, that shows activating the search charm on the desktop now just covers up part of the desktop UI.

Currently, Windows 8 users know that using the search charm brings up a full-screen Apps Search page when inside the desktop. In the Modern UI, using the search charm in the Start screen does the same thing but it only covers up part of the screen when inside a Windows 8 Modern app or when using the Windows Store. It would appear that Microsoft has decided to do away with the Apps Screen when using the search charm across all parts of Windows 8.1.

Source: Windows4Live on Twitter via| Image via Windows4Live

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