Windows 8.1 build 9369 now circulating on private trackers

It was only a couple weeks ago that we got our first serious look at Windows 8.1 (Blue) with the leak of build 9364 but it looks like build 9369 is now being passed around on private trackers at this very moment.

We have already seen a few images of the build leak out and we suspect that as the build gets into more users hands, we will likely see 9369 hit public trackers in the near future. Obviously, we do not know exactly when this will happen but build 9369 is following the same pattern as build 9364.

Even though it is a new build, we would not expect any huge changes as it is only a small build number increase. Yes, it is possible one of the intermittent builds could introduce a new feature but if you are expecting a dramatic difference between 9364 and 9369, you will likely be disappointed. 

We will keep you updated if/when build 9369 finally makes its way to the public domain, but for now, keep your eyes and ears open.

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