Windows 8.1 preview build receives four bug fixes

Even though it appears that Microsoft is very close to completing its work on the RTM build of Windows 8.1, the company is still finding time to release some bug fixes for the public preview of its next OS. Microsoft has been releasing new patches for the preview version on a regular basis ever since it went live in late June.

One of the four bug fixes concerns a critical security hole in IE11, which Microsoft previously revealed would be part of today's "Patch Tuesday" collection of security bulletins. The patch notes state that Microsoft has found that this problem could allow for a remote code execution on a person's PC if they happen to surf over to a website that takes advantage of the issue.

Another of the Windows 8.1 preview patch downloads resolves a problem with Windows 8.1 running Flash-based videos in IE11, where it was creating a flickering effect. Yet another patch fixes a problem with IE11 with the playback of content that used adaptive streaming and Digital Rights Management features. Finally, the last bug fix deals with the same adaptive streaming and DRM playback problems in the OS itself.

Source: Microsoft via Pureinfotech | Image via Microsoft

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