Windows Blue (build 9364) Start screen video shows new features

Now that the cat is out of the bag and Windows Blue build 9364 has been leaked, we are seeing all sorts of new features be uncovered with Windows Blue and one individual has captured it all on video for your viewing pleasure. 

The video posted above shows the leaked build demoed on a touch-screen device (the OS is being displayed using an RDP connection so the lag is not representative of performance) and you can see a few new features as the individual scrolls through the modern UI.

One of the new features is that if you swipe down, you can access all of the apps and the video also shows how you can create small tiles in a way that is similar to that of Windows Phone 8.

Seeing that the build is now out in the wild, we fully expect many more features to be uncovered over the next few weeks. While Microsoft had done a great job at keeping this update out of the public domain, that barrier fell this morning as build 9364 made its way to the Internet

Source: YouTube

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