Windows Blue references highlight more details about the path forward

As more and more people download, install and dig into the code of the leaked Windows Blue build, there are further reports on what Microsoft might add to the planned update for its Windows 8 OS. The latest such information comes from an article this week written by Sandro Villinger.

In an article on, Villinger writes that a deep examination of the Windows Blue leaked code revealed "dozens of internal references to a 'Windows Defender Modern App' in Windows Blue." That likely means that Microsoft is at least working on a Modern app version of its antivirus software. Microsoft already has a desktop version of Windows Defender for Windows 8 and RT.

The leaked build has already revealed several upcoming Modern apps that are being made in-house by Microsoft, along with references to a Modern File manager app.

The article also states that the Windows Blue code has references to possible 3G/4G tethering and barcode scanner support, along with ways to extend battery life for device that use the update. There's evidence that Windows Blue uses a slightly lower amount of RAM. The code also shows support for possible higher display resolutions. Finally, the leaked build mentions "BaseFS" and "Minkernel" in the code. reports that "Minkernel" might refer to an internal Microsoft project to make the Windows kernel smaller.

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