Windows build 6.3.9740.0 shows up in app logs

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The world is eagerly waiting for Microsoft to ship the next update to Windows, whether it will be another update to Windows 8.1 or will be called 8.2, is still not known, but we do know that it will include the Start menu.

It’s not a big surprise that Microsoft is hard at work on the next iteration of Windows but what is unknown is if this build is the 8.2 update or if it is actually Windows 9. With the 8.1 update 1 builds, only the sub digits were changed but here we see the front end of the build number being updated which indicates that it’s a larger update to the OS.

We should also point out that build 9729 has also recently been spotted too, in the same app logs, which goes to show that Microsoft has been compiling builds at a fairly decent rate.

We expect that the next update for Windows will arrive sometime around August and we would expect that Microsoft will include the Start menu with that build considering they already showed it off at BUILD.

While build strings are not the most juicy bits of Windows news to make their way to the Internet, for enthusiasts, it’s a version of ‘people watching’ to see how quickly (or slowly) unreleased builds of Windows get compiled inside the walls of Redmond. 

Source: AngelWZR

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