Windows Camera update fixes video recording issues for some Lumia 930 users

The Nokia Lumia 930 has had problems with recording video on Windows 10 Mobile for a very long time now. The problem is that when recording, the device either doesn't capture any audio, or does so at an extremely low volume.

While Insiders have known about the issue for months, so has Microsoft, but they decided to release the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade for the Lumia 930 anyway.

Windows Camera was updated today to version 2016.128.141.0, citing bug fixes and stability improvements as what's new. Lumia 930 users are beginning to report that this update fixes their video recording issues.

As requested, we did check to see if the issue was fixed on our own device. It would seem that while the issue is improved, it's still certainly not fixed, nor can we even describe it as adequate.

Nevertheless, if the issue is fixed, even for a handful of users, that is fantastic news. Fears that Microsoft had forsaken Lumia 930 users can likely now subside, but there is clearly still room for improvement.

If you're finding that the latest update doesn't fix the issue for you, there are workarounds. If you use Lumia Camera Beta or Lumia Camera Classic to record your videos, those will record audio just fine.

Has the new update fixed your video recording capabilities? Let us know in the comments!

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