Windows Mobile Crossbow (WM6) Leaked

Testers of Windows Mobile Codenamed Crossbow (or Windows Mobile 6.0) have leaked at least 2 versions of the pre-release online, along with a good number of screenshots. According to our source betacollector the pre-release is incomplete, missing a few functions but working fine.

No Windows start orb here, that seems to be cropping up on everywhere on Microsoft software now, but then again WM6 is not yet final -who knows if that will be included in the final release.

The leaked version specs: WM6PreRelease.rar (54177kb) Build date 1/12/2006 (15341.4.2.0) Rom 2.00.02.pv / External Rom 2.02 PDAVIET

Theres also a second one WM6CB.rar weighing in at 59608kb for the MDA Pro / Universal or qtec 9000 that one is older than the above mentioned leak.

As we can see, the start screen is taking shape pretty well. More news as we come across it.

Lots of screenshots: >> Click here <<

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