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Windows NT 3.5 and original Xbox source code leaks

The source code for Microsoft's original Xbox gaming console and Windows NT 3.5 has leaked, as spotted by The Verge today. The report also confirms that the Xbox leak is authentic, including the Xbox Development Kit, emulators, internal documents, and the kernel.

The kernel on the original Xbox console is based on Windows 2000, and the source code for that was leaked way back in 2004, something that Neowin exclusively reported on. Apparently though, this new leak was already being distributed among the enthusiast community for some time, which means that the source code leak isn't going to help in getting the kernel and Xbox OS up and running on emulators.

According to the report, out of over 900 Xbox games, only about 40 of them have been able to run on emulators. And while Microsoft has its own emulation on Xbox One consoles, there are just over a dozen games supported for that. Sadly, it seems that at least for now, this leak doesn't mean that you can fire up your old Xbox games on newer hardware.

Apparently, the Windows NT 3.5 source code is for a near-final build, and Microsoft wouldn't comment on it. You can go and look through the source code, although it's probably not as exciting as the original Xbox, since we've already seen source code leaks for both newer and older versions of Windows.

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