Windows NT 4.0 Security Patch: Malformed Request to RPC

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File Name: Q305399i.exe - Download Size: 457 KB - Date Published: 3/17/2003 - Version: Q305399


This update resolves the "Malformed RPC Packet" security vulnerability in computers running Windows NT® 4.0 and is discussed in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-048. Download now to prevent a malicious user from launching a denial of service attack using the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) client.

This vulnerability exists because there is an error in the way the endpoint mapper (used by the RPC service to determine which remote port to use) processes queries. If a malicious user sends a malformed RPC query to an affected Windows NT 4.0 computer, it can cause the server to stop responding to requests

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows NT4.0 Workstation

Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server

Microsoft Windows NT4.0 Server, Enterprise Edition

Download: Windows NT 4.0 Security Patch: Malformed Request to RPC Endpoint Mapper can Cause RPC Service to Fail

View: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-048

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