Windows Phone 7 Facebook application woes [Update]

If reader reviews are anything to go by, the Microsoft produced Facebook application for Windows Phone 7 devices has started to suffer from a number of issues.

According to WPCentral, it seems that users started to suffer with an intermittent crashing bug at the beginning of March 2011. Users have been voicing their concerns by posting reviews of the application via the Windows Phone Marketplace, but as has become the norm for Windows Phone software, only one update to the Facebook application has been released since the operating system launched last year.

Reviews on the Windows Phone Marketplace are quite scathing, with one user saying, “Suddenly stopped working…worked fine for a few days, today it doesn’t work, uninstalled and reinstall and still nothing, very disappointed”

We have run into a crash bug with Facebook on Windows Phone 7 ourselves and this was on an HTC Trophy device, it would crash back to the tile menu each time we tried to load it up. The fix for us was to uninstall the application, restart the handset and then reinstall Facebook. Though we believe this doesn’t work for most users who have been having issues.

Facebook for Windows Phone 7 users are missing out on a lot of features and a much easier to use interface that Android and iPhone handsets have been enjoying for many months. Fixing the Facebook application should be something that the Microsoft wants to do as soon as possible, especially with new Windows Phone 7 users voicing their displeasure about not just the application, but also the operating system itself on the marketplace.

Update: According to a post on Twitter: The Facebook for Windows Phone 7 team is working with Facebook to fix the crash that they say started on Tuesday; Users can make use of the People hub during the interim. Keep a check on the marketplace for an updated app.

Update 2: The updated Facebook app is now on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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