Windows Phone 7 gaming sales "disappointing"

If reports on are to believed, gaming related sales on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 handsets have been very disappointing. The site has spoken to various developers who have been working on the platform with most stating that “The number of sales is a bit disappointing so far”.

The developers, who did not wish to be named, went on to say that the conversion rates from trial/demo versions of Xbox LIVE titles on Windows Phone 7 to fully paid versions of the same games have been very low, with one saying "We are seeing a conversion rate of 10 percent, and the sales are still far from the numbers we are seeing on iOS,"

The article went on to say that even though developers that have integrated Xbox LIVE support into their titles have seen slightly better sales than those without, they are still far from impressive. Microsoft has been keen to push Xbox LIVE integration with Windows Phone 7 handsets, though this does mean that indie developers get less of a look in than they would on Android or iOS devices.

A number of Windows Phone 7 users have said that they have been disappointed with the higher cost of titles on the Microsoft service when compared to those on iOS or Android handsets, even similar titles can sometimes be up to four times the cost of those seen on the iTunes App Store.

The other reasoning behind poor gaming sales could also be the unknown consumer sales of Windows Phone 7 devices; this could, in theory, mean that weak sales of hardware have hampered marketplace sales.

Hopefully things will pick up gaming-wise in the coming months as Windows Phone 7 can be a great gaming device if it is managed correctly, but if Xbox LIVE promotion continues to hold back indie gaming development, then those developers may start to look elsewhere.

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