Windows Phone 7 users in the cold after Twitter changes

Tweeting from your Windows Phone? You might want to avoid signing out, according to reports circulating on news sites. Users are reporting their favorite Twitter apps have started throwing up errors, a problem that seems to have begun sometime yesterday.

WPCentral is reporting that a minor change in the Twitter API has been hitting Windows Phone 7 users looking to get their tweet fix on the move. The problem? Most WP7 apps rely on the Hammock library, a popular tool used by Twitter apps to access the service. This minor change has confused Hammock; in turn a wide range of Twitter apps have been hit.

The more technically minded will be pleased to know that there's an ongoing discussion on the developer forums to try and get to the source of the problem. The problem appears to be on Twitter's end, but the Hammock developers and other Twitter app writers are working away to find a solution.

For now, advice seems to be to avoid switching accounts or signing out. The sign in process seems to be causing the most problems for people, with the authentication process failing.

Have you noticed anything unusual on your device? Let us know in the comments.

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