Windows Phone 8-based Samsung SGH-i687 spotted

Windows Phone 8’s launch may only just be around the corner, but rumored device names are flying all over the place, and today, we can unofficially confirm the existence of one of these devices, courtesy of Samsung itself.

The Samsung SGH-i687 is a device that shows up on Samsung site under the User Agent Profile. Now that isn’t too exciting, but what is, is the fact that Internet Explorer 10 is listed as its browser, meaning that due to no updates to the existing browser on Windows Phone 7, the device could indeed be a new Windows 8 device. It also seems a little too late to release a Windows Phone 7 device at this point which is why we believe that this device will be Windows Phone 8-based.

The screenshot below shows IE listed as the device's browser:

Another interesting feature is the fact the Samsung SGH-i687 is a WVGA device, which means its resolution is 480 x 800. As disappointing as it is when comparing it to other potential Windows Phone 8 devices with 720 x 1280 resolutions, it could mean that Samsung’s device is an entry level phone that will be sold at lower cost.

It is still early days considering the fact the device doesn't even have an awesome name yet, so we’ll have to wait for an official announcement to learn more about Sammy's device.

Via: WPCentral
Source: Samsung

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