Windows Phone 8 headed to Verizon on the back of Nokia

In early July, Neowin brought to you that Nokia was going release a device on Verizon, "soon". If you have been salivating for more news about Verizon's and Nokia's partnership, Bloomberg has a bit of good news for you.

The source states that Nokia will sell the phone with Windows Phone 8 powering the device on Verizon but the device is not expected to be announced at the upcoming event in New York on September 5th. The source seems to indicate that the phone will roll-out post Windows Phone 8 launch, which might mean that AT&T will have a jump-start selling the device before the phone is offered to Verizon customers.

There is still a lot of fog around Verizon's plans for Windows Phone 8 and when the company will roll out a device; we hope that in the next week or two we will hear from either company about their plans.

As of right now, Verizon has been scant on its Windows Phone offerings with only letting consumers have access to the HTC Trophy. Considering the rumors that carriers want to lessen their dependency on the iPhone thanks to its lower margins, Windows Phone could be a key play in carrier strategies to help increase profit margins. 

Source: Bloomberg

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