Windows Phone 8 lands in September, marketing campaign to follow

The whispers have been circling for some time and we first caught wind that Windows Phone 8 was going to break cover in September way back in early July. Fast forward to today and we have heard from a third, independent of the previous two sources, that Windows Phone 8 is a go for a September unveiling, or more specifically the platform will hit RTM.

While the news may seem all the obvious now, seeing as we have a Nokia related press event early in the month, new rumors that Verizon will now be carrying a Nokia Windows Phone 8 device (hint: they will) and now we are hearing that a new marketing campaign will come along with the new platform.

While we don't have all of the details, yet, Microsoft will be making a big push this holiday season across many of its products and expect to see the interoperability card played between Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 and likely Xbox too with the glass project. 

What this all means is that Microsoft knows that this holiday season is a make or break time of the year, to no surprise. To enforce this strategy, expect to see the heavy handed approach of Windows Phone 8 being superior to all the other platforms and as you would guess, Nokia will be running down this same path too. 

Mary Jo Foley had already pegged the September launch before this post and at that time we had been hearing the same things too. Seeing as we now have another source on-board, we figure if one verification is good, two is better, right?

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