Windows Phone 8.1's emoji recommendations are amazing

One of the best aspects of Windows Phone has long been its predictive text recommendation when typing, and Microsoft’s really upped the ante in the latest version of the operating system in a way that will delight tweens everywhere.

In Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft has expanded the keyboard’s suggestions to include emoji support. Now, when a user types a word such as “love,” then the heart emoji will appear as a recommendation. The feature also appears to understand context, as typing “suit” won’t result in an emoji recommendation, but “swim suit” will recommend the bikini emoji. Similarly, typing “up” will recommend the emoji of a finger pointing up, but typing “thumbs up” will recommend the thumbs-up emoji.

Perhaps most interesting is Microsoft’s potty vernacular – the words “poop,” “shit” and “turd” all come up with the same excrement emoji, though “crap” strangely doesn’t.  

Some common acronyms are also supported, such as “LOL” and “LMAO,” though some aren’t, such as “BFF.” Microsoft’s Xbox also gets some love, as typing the brand name will result in a green Xbox controller being suggested, as will typing the word “controller.” No other Microsoft brand name or product appears to get its own emoji recommendation.

View the gallery below to see some of Windows Phone 8.1’s emoji suggestions.

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