Windows Phone head admits to "an awareness problem"

Windows Phone may get a lot of great reviews but Microsoft's operating system still has some problems getting some people to even know that it exists on some phones. In an interview with, the new head of Microsoft's Windows Phone division Terry Myerson admitted, "We have an awareness problem."

As an example of that lack of awareness, Myerson said he looked at late in 2011 and saw that three of the best review smartphones on the site were all based on Windows Phone. However the three best selling smartphones were running on Google's Android operating system. Myerson added, "People just don’t know about Windows Phone and if it could be for them and if they should consider it. When people try it, they generally love it.”

So how does Microsoft and Myerson plan to fix this problem. While specific plans have not been revealed, Myerson did say, "We know we need to do something new and different." he also admitted that that the company needs to have a better relationship with wireless carriers, especially the nation's biggest Verizon which offers little in the way of Windows Phone products. He stated, "It’s important in the U.S. that we do that."

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