Windows Phone: Only one major update a year

Microsoft has revealed in a rather discreet way that the scheduling of releases for the Windows Phone platform will consist of around only one major update annually. In a job advertisement, the company essentially stated that while updates will come as and when they are needed throughout the year, a game-changing release will only come every 12 months.

The major update for 2011, it would appear then, is the Mango 7.5 release which is expected sometime in September this year. Over 500 new features are expected to be coming to the platform in the update, with examples being Internet Explorer 9 and multi-tasking. While this is a monumental update for the platform, of which can be compared with others such as Apple's iOS and Google's Android, some are feeling hard done by as the updates between these annual releases are at the moment, few and far between.

In the job posting, the position that Microsoft is advertising, states that the successful candidate will "[drive] all development work on the Application Platform for update releases between major yearly releases." This may be a plan by the company to step up it's releasing cycle given that it previously stated that updates to its phones would come on a regular basis.

There was trouble earlier in the year when the NoDo update, which many anticipated due to its new copy and paste functionality, had trouble getting to consumers due to issues with the phone manufacturers. The delays that followed disappointed fans and analysts, which may explain why Microsoft has since been cautious with delivering small scale updates to users.

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