Windows Phone predicted to make up 4% of app downloads in 2013

Microsoft has been promoting the fact that since the launch of Windows Phone 8 in November, it has seen a 75 percent increase in the number of app downloads. However, Aapo Markkanen, an analyst for the firm ABI Research, claims that those increased numbers still will be far behind those of iOS and Android app downloads.

ABI Research's press release states that in 2013, they predict there will be a total of 56 billion app downloads. Android apps will take up the majority of app downloads at 58 percent, according to the firm, while iOS downloads will claim 33 percent.

ABI Research says that Windows Phone app downloads will only take up slightly less than four percent of the total number of app downloads for smartphones. BlackBerry app downloads will be even less at just three percent, according to the firm's prediction.

What about tablet app downloads? The firm predicts that 14 billion tablet apps will be downloaded in 2013, with the iPad taking up the vast majority of those apps at 75 percent. Android-based tablets will download 17 percent, excluding the Kindle Fire from Amazon, which will take up four percent of app downloads on its own. Windows-based apps will only take up two percent of tablet app downloads.

Will ABI's predictions come true? They seem to be a safe bet but more and more we are seeing that people really like Windows Phone smartphones, particularly those made by Nokia. We could also see a surge in Windows 8 and RT tablet and hybrid sales in the next year as PC makers learn which designs work and which don't.

Source: ABI Research | Image via Microsoft

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