Windows Phone 'Threshold' gets a little bit more real as well

Earlier today, we posted up a screenshot of a LinkedIn profile of a project manager who is stating that he is working on Windows Threshold. Threshold, for those who do not know, is believed to be the next major update to the windows platform.

More so, Threshold was stated to be the new 'Blue'; a series of updates across all major platforms and that information appears to be true too. As noted on another LinkedIn profile page, this individual is working on Windows Phone Threshold which confirms the rumor that Threshold is, in fact, a series of updates across many devices.

Neither LinkedIn page offers anything new in terms of details about the updates but they do offer confirmation that Microsoft is using these code names on projects that are under development. Because this information is accurate, it adds credit to the rumor that said Threshold will be released in the Spring of 2015.

No word on when Windows Phone Threshold will be released but considering that Windows Phone Blue (8.1) was announced in April at Build 2014, we wouldn't get our hopes up that we will be seeing this update anytime soon.

It should not surprise anyone that Microsoft is working on its next generation operating systems, obviously, but getting confirmation that the correct code name has leaked is an encouraging sign that the other information about Threshold is accurate too.

Source: LinkedIn Via: h0x0d

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