Windows Phone users hit by duplicate contact bug

Windows Phone users are reporting a strange contact bug that results in some contacts being duplicated.

According to Microsoft enthusiast Long Zheng the bug - which he has personally experienced - appears to have no clear cause, but manifests itself through the duplication of contacts on the phone, with some contacts appearing more than a dozen times.

Mr Zheng's testing has shown that only contacts on the phone are impacted - Gmail and Windows Live contacts seem to be unaffected and removing one or more of the duplicate contacts has no impact on the remaining extras.

There is no suggestion at this point that the bug discovered by Mr Zheng and others is related to a similar one last month which resulted in contacts from multiple sources ''de-linking'' or pinned contact tiles disappearing from the Start screen of a Windows Phone.

The duplicate contacts bug also appears to be impacting a fairly small subset of Windows Phone users, with four reporting problems on a Microsoft Answers forum and two responding to Mr Zheng's blog post with similar problems. Curiously, at least three of those users own Samsung Windows Phone handsets, though that may well be mere coincidence.

It remains to be seen if the ''NoDo'' update for the Windows Phone platform, due for release later this month, will fix this particular issue.

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