Windows Store has more apps, more downloads than Mac App Store

Things are already looking good for the Windows Store just a month after its official launch, with the Store reportedly having not only more apps than the rival Mac App Store on OS X, but also more downloads for the most popular apps. According to a report from Distimo, the Windows Store's 21,000 apps is already larger than the Mac App Store's 13,000 apps despite the latter marketplace being open for close to two years now.

More importantly, for the top 300 apps on each respective Store, the Windows Store's daily download volume is three times larger than that of the Mac App Store. That said, Distimo notes that the Mac App Store receives five times the rate of paid application downloads daily; however this could be due to the fact that 84% of all Mac App Store apps are paid compared to just 14% in the Windows Store.

A few other important statistics were noted about the Windows Store in the report:

  • The Windows Store is the largest launching app store of all time
  • Only 65% of all apps on the Store are available in North America; this is most likely due to localized content for countries such as Japan
  • The average price for all applications is $13.32 in the overall Store, which increases to $14.29 for desktop apps and is just $4.87 for ARM-supporting applications. In the Mac App Store the average price is $12.55
  • Out of the 80 countries with access to the Store, on average 10% of the top 300 apps are locally popular only. This is considerably higher in non-English speaking countries such as Japan (41%) and Korea (30%)
  • Microsoft Studios is the most popular Windows Store publisher worldwide

You can check out the full report on the Windows Store, which is available for free after filling in a form, here.

Source: Distimo

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