Windows Vista Build 5365 Review + Screenshots

As most people will of heard, Windows Vista build 5365 was released to testers on Saturday, this build has not appeared on MSDN yet and has been tagged as an internal, so the chances of it being posted there are slim.

Initial reports are good, this build appears to be more stable and the dreaded UAP (User Account Protection) behavior has changed, allowing more simple tasks to be done without having to click away 3 different dialogs. There are a few reviews on the web, I've linked to one which I thought was quite good.

"After many falsepieces of information over the last few days regarding vista plus theanger being expressed by many Vista beta testers, Microsoft havefinally released what everyone has been waiting for, a new build. Itcomes in the shape of 5365, the same build Bill Gates showed off inJapan with screenshots being posted on I have finally gotaround to downloading and installing the latest vista build. In thisreview I will look at what has changed the improvements and anythingelse I feel like mentioning."
Read on @ Bartys Blog

Screenshots: >> Click here << @

Screenshots: >> Click here << @ Paul Thurrotts WinSuperSite

View: Build 5365 discussion on Neowin forum

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