Windows Vista comes with 19,500 drivers on DVD

...and more on Windows Update. Oh thats why its more than 2 Gig - Ed

Ever needed to find a driver for a product and wished Windows would either just have the driver in it, or that their Windows Update service could provide it? With Vista, it can – and new features and updates will be forthcoming too. It's about time! At the Windows Vista Team Blog, Jim Allchin, the Chief of Microsoft's Vista development effort and long-time Microsoft employee, soon to retire after having completed Vista at last, has advised readers that Windows Vista has more drivers built-in at launch than any previous version Windows.

While computer users will always want to see if the manufacturer has newer, specific drivers that eke out the best performance from peripherals and hardware add-ons, having as many drivers native in Windows as possible, and thousands of additional new drivers available on Windows Update just has to be a good thing to make life easier for computer users long used to having driver issues with XP and earlier Windows versions.

Allchin tells us that since Vista went RTM, an addition 11,700 drivers are now ready and waiting for you if you add a new peripheral to your computer, although you should naturally always try loading the drivers that came with your new hardware from CD first.

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