Windows Vista delayed until 2007

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that they will once again delay Windows Vista, formerly known as Longhorn, until early next year.


The software giant said it will wrap up development of the new operating system this year and make it available to volume licensing customers in November.


Microsofts Windows chief Jim Allchin said the company is delaying the broad launch of the product until January 2007. Allchin also stated that the product will still launch in Microsofts next fiscal year, which begins in July, meaning that Microsofts overall business for next year shouldnt be affected.


Allchin stated that some of the additional time was for ensuring security levels, and the company is also working on ironing out usability issues. "Were trying to crank up the security level higher than ever," Allchin said. "This came down to a few weeks. Were trying to do the responsible thing here."


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News source: CNET

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