Windows Vista, Office 2007, Exchange 2007 Business Launch

While it's not the retail launch date, today is the official business launch for the next generation of Microsoft's Windows operating system, Windows Vista. More than five years in the making, Windows Vista is a developmental milestone that, according to Microsoft, rivals that of it's own Windows 95 launch. While Microsoft claims that the changes in Windows Vista are greater than the transition to Windows 95 from Windows 3.11 and earlier versions, touting it's enhanced security, data protection and recovery, and user interface enhancements, many industry analysts have said that Windows Vista is more evolutionary than revolutionary. Still, there are some major changes from Windows XP, and many consumers have come to experience this first hand thanks to the enormous Windows Vista beta program.

Earlier this year Bill Gates stated that he expected the launch of windows Vista to rival that of the Windows 95 launch, with more anticipation and a larger kickoff. Of course we'll have to wait until the retail launch in January for the general consumer pomp and circumstance, but todays business launch event will give many a firsthand look at the next generation of Windows, as well as the new Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Exchange Server. Will the fanfare and anticipation help to build on the January retail launch? Click the links below to visit the Microsoft Windows Vista business launch site where you'll find more news on todays business launch event as well as streaming video of the keynote address by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

News source: Microsoft: Ready for a new day

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