Windows Vista, Per Application Controlled Audio Videocast

I suppose one of the more frustrating attributes of Windows Vista Beta 1 and the updated build 5219, is the lack of, or garbled audio everyone has been experiencing. We all know its a beta right? That's what all testers keep telling themselves..

Browsing the Vista newsgroups looking for other users experiences with audio in Vista I came across a video posted at Channel 9, "Learning about Audio in Windows Vista" and after watching it, I have a better understanding of why my card doesn't work (yet). There is a lot to look forward to in Beta 2!

The audio stack in Windows Vista has been completely rewritten so we can have cool things like per-app audio control. Anyway, Steve Ball talks to us about what the team has been working on and gives us some demos and introduces us to the team, including Larry.

View: Learning about Audio in Windows Vista Videocast

Video: Learning about Audio in Windows Vista | 192 MB (Direct Download)

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