Windows Vista Secrets for Tablet PC

TabletPC Blog: Tim Sneath has been posting a wonderful series of "Windows Vista Secrets". (The ability to start Quick Launch items with the [Win+] keys has changed my life -- thanks Tim)

I have my own set of tips for Windows Vista -- some secret, some not -- that apply mainly to laptop and Tablet PCs, so I thought I'd share.

#1: Windows Mobility Center
Windows Mobility Center is a great one-stop portal for managing a LOT of settings on your laptop or tablet -- power scheme, audio volume, screen brightness, projection, rotation, as well as one-click access to myriad other Control Panel applets for stylus input and handwriting recognition.

It's definitely not meant to be a "secret", but for some reason we really did bury it in the Start / Programs / Accessories menu... Place a shortcut to MblCtr.exe on your Quick Launch bar, or pin it to your Start Menu, for easier access.

Screenshot: Windows Mobility Center Screenshot
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