Windows XP Crash-Free in Tests

Hmm, well I never saw this when I reported ELabs test report back in late October, it seems the document has been updated with the statement that XP can run for 31 days without restart or application crash. I seem to remember that for Windows ME it was 49.7 days and no-one will ever convince me that Windows ME is better LOL.

None of the Windows XP Professional systems had a single applications or operating system failure in 31 equivalent user days.

Meanwhile, the Windows 98 Second Edition-based computers often required restarting. The average maximum runtime to failure for Windows 98 Second Edition was 15.7 equivalent user days, or roughly half that of the other two operating systems.

eTesting Labs, a Ziff Davis Media company formerly known as ZD Labs, offers independent testing and research for the Internet and technology industry. Microsoft commissioned eTesting Labs to compare Windows XP and the earlier versions. After testing Windows XP, the industry-leading laboratory concludes:

"We counted the number of application and operating systems failures and found that Windows XP Professional ran over 30 times as long without encountering problems as those systems running Windows 98 SE."

"Although testing with different applications might show different results, our testing proves that Windows XP Professional is significantly more reliable than Windows 98 SE."

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