Windows XP for enterprise market share drops below 10 percent

While Windows XP is still the second most used operating system on PCs worldwide, there's new evidence that enterprise customers are finally getting rid of the 12 year old software. The security firm Qualys claims that the market share for Windows XP by those users has dropped below 10 percent for the first time.

In fact, according to their blog post this week, Windows XP use in the enterprise market has dropped far faster than the overall average. Net Applications shows that XP is still being used by over 26 percent of all PCs worldwide. However, the data collected by Qualys shows that business users have seen XP use drop from around 32 percent in January 2013 to close to eight percent in May 2014.

That's good news for businesses, as they seem to have heeded Microsoft's many calls to upgrade to a more recent version of Windows. It also means their PCs will be less vulnerable to being hit by exploits as Microsoft will continue to support Vista, 7 and 8/8.1 for some time to come. Microsoft issued a friendly reminder earlier this week that it will no longer release any security or other kinds of software updates for Windows XP. 

Source: Qualys via TechCrunch | Image via Qualys

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