WinInfo Short Takes: Week of April 10

Its that time of the week where we look back, with the help of Paul Thurrott at the last weeks interesting developments. First off we'd like to congratulate Mark, Pauls son -with his 8th birthday. So Happy Birthday Mark! I hope it turns out to be a great day for you.

Here are two I selected from this weeks short takes, follow the link below for the whole article.

Microsoft Preps "Windows Vista Capable" PC Stickers

I wonder if Apple will start using these now. Microsoft is creating new "Windows Vista Capable" stickers that PC makers can put on their PCs this year, alerting consumers that the machines they buy today will run Windows Vista tomorrow. The move is an attempt to offset disappointment in Vista's interminable delays and to help ensure consumers that it's safe to buy a new PC before Vista ships. However, I'd like to point out the difference between "capable" and "kicking butt and taking names." A "Windows Vista Capable" PC will be able to run Vista, yes, but for the best experience--that is, the Aero Glass UI--you're going to want a high-end 3D video card. Basically, any XP-capable PC can run Vista, but to run it right, you need a good video card

It's That Time of the Month: Here Come the Patches

Next Tuesday, Microsoft will provide its regularly scheduled shipment of monthly security patches. April's batch includes five security bulletins, and at least one will be tagged as critical. Among the patches is a fix for a recently discovered bug in Internet Explorer (IE). I'm a bit miffed, however, that this bug was exploited weeks ago, and that Microsoft is making users wait until next Tuesday to get the patch to fix it. I realize that fixing security problems is time consuming, but there has to be a faster way to do this.

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