Winklevoss twins lose another court battle in Facebook lawsuit

The long running legal case of Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss against Facebook took another turn this week as the twin brothers lost yet another fight in court. Reuters reports that the Winklevoss twins, along with their business partner Divya Narendra, got their current case against the social networking web site dismissed by a judge.

The twins and Narendra have claimed that Facebook had "intentionally or inadvertently suppressed evidence" during their settlement talks with Facebook. However, U.S. District Judge Douglas Woodlock disagreed, deciding that Facebook's arguments that the trio's "substantive claims had already been rejected by the courts." The Winklevoss's lawyers called the judge's decision "expected". Facebook declined to comment.

The lengthy court fight between the Winklevoss twins and Facebook started just after Mark Zuckerberg and others launched the first version of Facebook at Harvard University in 2004. The twins, along with Narendra, claimed that Zuckerberg said he would help them build a social networking site. The conflict between the twins and Zuckerberg was loosely depicted in the 2010 movie The Social Network where actor Armie Hammer played both Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. The brothers and Narendra eventually decided to launch a lawsuit against Zuckerberg and Facebook and the trio eventually accepted a $65 million settlement deal in 2008. Earlier this year the trio announced they would abandon an appeal of that settlement to the US Supreme Court. It's currently unknown if the trio will attempt to launch yet another legal battle against Facebook, but for now, it seems this battle is over.

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