Wireless Doorbell rings you in

Imagine a device that allows apartment dwellers, home owners, and small businesses to answer their door, communicate with visitors, and even open the door remotely with their GSM phones . Wireless startup Waleli would like to present: the wireless doorbell. In order for the device to ring your handset and allow you to open the door by entering a pincode, the GSM Doorbell consists of four parts: an intercom, an electronic lock, a GSM-enabled doorbell, and a SIM (subscriber identification module) for the GSM device. After testing the technology in its home Dutch market the company plans to sell its GSM Doorbell (pricing is currently unknown) internationally, beginning in northern Europe. The article mentions that you will not have to worry about locking yourself out of your home again because the machine will recognize your mobile's number and unlock the door for you (what if you leave your cell phone at home?).

Is this not yet another reason not to lose your cell phone? One: you can't get into your own house. Two: someone else potentially can.

News source: InfoWorld

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