Wireless lamp posts take over world!

Computerised lamp posts look like being the basis of the biggest data network ever, as the world's traffic monitors set about controlling cars with wireless. And the result could be an absolute windfall for a startup company which, it seems, owns all the relevant patents.

The excitement about WiFi has, at last, started penetrating through to the consumer mind, with home users connecting their PCs to the Internet without wires and working in their bedrooms, sitting rooms, kitchens, and even in coffee shops, gyms and railway stations. And it turns out that you can even use your PC as a sort of free telephone - to the point where people are even asking whether perhaps, home-made wireless might penetrate further than 3G phone networks can. One day, maybe in three years or longer, perhaps, say the pioneers.

But if Last Mile is right, then the WiFi revolution could happen much, much faster than anybody has dreamed. It will give us the Internet almost literally everywhere - in town, in the country, even in tunnels - and it will give commerce and industry a whole new media. And it could start being installed this year, using the world's highways as the base network.

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News source: The Reg

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