Wireplay Moves To The Next Level

Long standing UK GSP Wireplay has relaunched this week with a brand new forums and website. Not to mention 30 top of the range servers sponsored by Pipex Communications.

Quote -
Well, here we are - a brand new demonically good logo, a super-cool and shiny new website with up to date gaming content, thirty new top of the range gaming servers and a new skin for the forums is providing an intravenous injection of new life into the veins of Wireplay.

These fantastic new servers mean that very soon you will see Wireplay running public servers for some of the most highly anticipated games such as Quake Wars and Team Fortress 2. Also expect to see massively renewed support for our existing selection of highly popular games which include Counterstrike, Team Fortress and Natural Selection.

So it's full throttle ahead with all the new stuff with more to come. As far as the old stuff is concerned Wireplay hasn't changed it's approach; it's still operated by gamers for the gaming community and that hasn't changed - your involvement is not just limited to playing games on our servers, we have an active forum for you to share your experiences and ideas with a community thats about to explode...

Wireplay is a Game Service Provider bouncing back faster than Pong on level 999. Come and be a part of this exciting future - you won't want to miss it.

Link: Wireplay Community Forums
News source: Wireplay Homepage

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