Wise Disk Cleaner 7.54.503

The new release of Wise Disk Cleaner adds one of the most requested features - Disk Defrag! And, it's still free! Wise Disk Cleaner is a free disk utility designed to help you keep your disk clean by deleting any unnecessary files. Usually, these unnecessary, or junk files appear as a result of program's incomplete uninstalls, or Temporary Internet Files. It is best if these files are wiped out from time to time, since they may, at some point, use a considerable amount of space on your drives. Wise Disk Cleaner, with its intuitive and easy to use interface, helps you quickly wipe out all the junk files. Using the program is indeed easy. It also works fast when both scanning for files and deleting files. The new Wise Disk Cleaner has more advantages: improved performance, better interface and scans/cleans more thoroughly.

The first Slimming System software
Wise Disk Cleaner is the first system slimming tool, which will help you to remove Windows useless files that you don't need, such as Korean IME, Windows Sample music, videos, pictures, Installers and Uninstallers of Updates Patches etc.

What's new in this version:

  • Improved advanced cleaning security.
  • Optimized cleaning result.
  • Added exclusion of HFS drive (Mac OS).
  • Added new scheduler taks tpye - At log on.
  • Prompted SSD do not need to defragment.
  • Changed fragments into fragmented rate.
  • Improved some language packs.

Download: Wise Disk Cleaner 7.54.503 | 2.4 MB (Freeware)
Download: Portable Wise Disk Cleaner 7.54.503 | 2.8 MB
View: Wise Disk Cleaner Website | WDC Online Help

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