Wolfram|Alpha releases first Windows 7 app

Wolfram|Alpha launched its first Computational knowledge engine app back in 2009. Before this week, the app was available just for mobile and tablet products like the iPad and Android devices. Now the company has branched out and released a version of the app for Windows 7. The app is now available for $2.99 and can be purchased and downloaded via Intel's AppUp online store. The app is made primarily for notebooks and ultrabooks but it can be used by any 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 PC.

The announcement about the new app states:

The Wolfram|Alpha App for PCs & Ultrabooks features an optimized user interface that takes advantage of the full PC screen. The app also features a specialized keyboard, easy resizing of results, and extended copy and paste of query results and graphics. Students and professionals use Wolfram|Alpha in a variety of subject areas. Students can enter their specific homework problems and get immediate answers, including a "Show steps" feature for math-related queries.

The plan is for the company to release even more of these kinds of apps for Windows 7 users. These Course Assistant Apps will offer help in studying and finding answers for users in subjects like calculus, astronomy, physics, and chemistry.

Image via Wolfram|Alpha

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