World of Warcraft Patch 2.3 going live today!

Well folks, today is the big day (some of) you have been waiting for. If you are a casual or die hard World of Warcraft player - then today is the day things change for you. A ton of things are changing. We are of course getting new content in the patch, including a brand new raid dungeon, new pets for Hunters, and well lots of other stuff is being added. Trust me on this one.

Needless to say, the biggest change in patch 2.3 are to the leveling system between levels 20 and 60. The amount of experience needed to gain a level has now been decreased by 20% betweens levels 20 and 60. Also, experience given by quest rewards between levels 30 and 60 have been increased as well. Most (if not all) elite mobs outside Pre-Burning Crusade dungeons have now been tweaked, and are now non-elite. Many elite mobs between levels 1-60 have been made non-elite to accommodate solo play but keep their elite-style loot drops.

Of course that's not all. Many quests have been added to the Dustwallow Marsh area (something like 40 or 50 quests I believe) along with new loot and items for the area. Guild banks have finally been added to the game. Quest givers and Flight Masters will now show up on your mini-map (with exclamation points and question marks) along with other NPC's. And of course Zul'Aman has been added to the game. It is a 10 man raid instance for level 70 players and is located in the Ghostlands. UI changes, Weapon Expertise has been added (instead of Weapon Skill rating), and the list goes on and on. Oh did I mention quest items that drop and are in the game world will now glow and also have a nice little "this drop is for blah blah" added to the mouse over tooltip? Yeah, Blizzard worked long and hard on patch 2.3. Hopefully things go smooth for everyone today.

For more information on the 2.3 patch, just hit up the view link and jump on over to the WoW Insider for the scoop and patch notes. The realms will be done the usual longer period for the patch roll out, so everyone has time to download the patch today.

View: Patch 2.3 changelog (from the PTR) @ WoW Insider | Main Patch 2.3 Page @ WoW Insider
View: More information on Patch 2.3 @ WoW Wiki

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