World's smallest 3G modem is about the size of a penny

In an attempt to get into the wearables market early, Intel has developed a groundbreaking new 3G modem; only 300 sq mm in size. In layman's terms, this is around the size of a penny.

Intel has named the modem XMM™ 6255 - Catchy eh? Their intention in building a component like this is to become a key supplier of the coming wearables market. A smaller, more powerful modem to transmit information quickly and wirelessly is essential to the future of technology; especially to the ever expanding and explored "Internet of Things" (or IoT for short).

Becuase the modem is so small, a pair of glasses or a watch might also function as a device with which to view your E-Mails or Twitter without the need to be tethered to a smartphone. With hundreds of other potential examples of application for this product, Intel appears even more of a contender as technology becomes more compact.

And size isn't everything when it comes to this modem: the chip has its own power supply as well as power management packed into its tiny surface area but most impressively, it copes with 'low signal network coverage' very well. The modem can pick up signal in areas where signal is sparse, without the need for large 3G antennae to boost its signal, making it ideal for small form-factors.

Source: Intel |Image: Intel

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