WOWZAPP Windows hackathon starts tomorrow with thousands of devs attending

Microsoft launched they brand new OS about 2 weeks ago and while Windows 8 got mostly positive reviews one area where everyone agrees is that it needs more Windows Store apps. A lot more.

So to fix this situation Microsoft is holding a gigantic hackathon that begins tomorrow and will last 2 days. It’s called WOWZAPP and according to Microsoft it will be the biggest hackathon ever. Right now they’re saying on Facebook that they have sold out so that can only be good news.

Some other stats Microsoft is touting:

- 48 hours of non-stop Windows 8 coding

-Thousands of developers from across 5 continents

- Learn from experts, developers and Microsoft trainers

Of course Microsoft will be providing music, drinks, and free food to everyone who is present. Not to mention that you get to create your own app and publish it on the Windows Store. In the end this is a win-win situation with newbie devs getting a lot of help and consumers hopefully getting a lot more quality apps in the Windows Store.


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