Woz: "Apple working on new things that will surprise and shock us all"

Apples co-founder, Steve Wozniak, speaking at the Login technology conference in Vilnius, Lithuania made some bold claims about Apples future. Widely celebrated as the brains behind the company, Woz has often been an Apple critic as of late, offering his slant on most major decisions the company make.

The co-founder first commented on Apples 16-month low stocks:

Stock price is a little low right now. Over time Ive seen Apple go up or down 2x over a few months.

He went on to talk about Apples business model, as well as the companys future products:

Apples business model tends to be new products, even products that didnt exist before and doing well out of them and not remaking the same thing, as eventually that just gets a little bit stale. So I would guess that Apple is very well prepared, and working on new things that are going to surprise and shock us all. And I honestly dont know [what].

Woz then replied to a more prying question about new products:

I gave up trying to guess a long time ago. There can be rumors which are false, or something gets cancelled. I never ask key insiders at Apple what they are about to come out with.

In his speech, the co-founder envisioned a future for us all where the power of computers brought us to "a perfect place of happiness". Woz has been known for his particularly free-thinking views, on occasion playing numerous practical jokes on his colleagues and family.

Apple, now a multi-national corporation, was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in the garage of Jobs" home. In recent years, Apples share price had seen a seemingly unstoppable rise. Since early 2013, however, stocks have plummeted, recently slipping below the $400 mark.

Source: TechCrunch via PocketnowImage: Bloomberg

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