WP7 does not log your location

It was recently discovered that Apple's iOS logged your location and that it was possible to take the stored data and turn it into a graphic that showed your previous location. It was also noted that Android does log your location as well but you are able to opt out of the service.

But what about Microsoft's platform, Windows Phone 7? According to PCmag, who reached out to Microsoft to determine if WP7 also recorded users locations, they do not track your location. Microsoft stated that

unequivocally that phones running Windows Phone 7 do not store location history. Like most other phones, the platform offers plenty of location-based apps, and those apps require user consent before they begin tracking. Windows Phones also offer the common feature of a "global switch" that lets the user disable all location services, and Microsoft says its "Find My Phone" service keeps only the phone's most recent location.

For those who are worried about their location being tracked, it would seem that WP7 would be your best bet for a mobile phone platform. For Microsoft, this represents a small victory in the name of security as they continue to build the brand image of WP7.

Microsoft has been pushing WP7 at every turn. Their latest mobile OS has been growing steadily but has experienced a few bumps in the road. While the update saga was drawn out, hopefully Microsoft learned a thing or two during those issues and will be able to remedy the situation when Windows 7.5 update is pushed out.

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