WP7: Facebook app updated, push notifications enabled

Hot on the heels of the Mango beta being put into developers eager hands today (which has deep Facebook integration), Microsoft has made available a sizeable update to it's Facebook application on the platform.

The update finally brings push notifications to the platform, and seems to be much more responsive than previous versions. This means that when a notification is triggered on the Facebook website, that the user will be notified immediately on Windows Phone, rather than having to actually open the app to find out what has happened. The push notification support allows the user to select which notifications they want to use it for, such as comments or photo tags, and disable ones that may be quite noisy.

On top of push support, the application now requests "sensor" access as well as "phone identity," though it is not clear what this is for.

Having push notifications is being warmly welcomed by Windows Phone users, and it means that users may not need to actually open the application if they are running Mango, as the platform has built in support for previewing them. Mango is the next major release of Windows Phone OS, and was released to developers that are registered on the App Hub today.

To download the updated Facebook app, click here (Zune client required).

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