WP7 Mango ROMs leak for HTC devices

As Mango nears it's vague, undated release, ROMs are beginning to leak all over the internet for various devices. First, we saw a hack of the ISV version of the RTM Mango bits (which didn't include the carrier specific drivers or applications), then we saw one or two carrier specific ROMs leak out, and now new HTC ROMs have leaked.

Over on XDA-Developers, a thread has popped up with six images for HTC phones, including the Mozart, 7 Pro, HD7 and Trophy (the Verizon version, too!). WPCentral points out that these are mostly European ROM's, but the Verizon image should make at least a few customers happy.

The ROM builds over on XDA tout the 7720.68 build number, which is the final RTM build. If you're a danger loving Windows Phone owner, you'll be as excited as we are to flash these ROM's on your phones. Just remember, it's at your own risk, you could end up losing sleepless nights over your bricked device if it goes wrong.

Microsoft is remaining tight lipped about the actual release date of Mango. A page appeared on the Microsoft Taiwan site depicting an unveiling for the 9/9/11, but it's rumored to just be a promotion rather than an announcement. It's assumed Microsoft is trying to avoid the "NoDo disaster" where it took over three months to get the update pushed to everyone, and even now, some users are still on the original Windows Phone builds still.

Mango is the major update to Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform, which brings many new features such as multitasking, IE9 support, deep social networking, integrated chat and more. The RTM software is expected to be available to retail devices in the next few weeks and new Mango hardware is releasing around the world slowly, with Fujistu releasing the first handset a few weeks ago.

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