WP7 marketplace turns out 30% growth rate

App store researchers Distimo released a publication today that noted the astonishing growth rate of Windows Phone 7.

The report concentrated on the two app stores which had the most rapid growth, Android and WP7. By looking at the first graph, it’s immediately noticeable that the WP7 Marketplace is growing the fastest, however what is perhaps even more surprising is the lack of growth from the iPhones App store coming in with 1% growth. In contrast, WP7 held the crown with a 30% growth, with Android in second at growth of 18%. With such large growth rates from the iPhones competitors we could see in the future the quantity of Android apps overcome the massive iPhone app store.

Although the massive growth may look promising, the likelihood is that the majority of the marketplace apps are imports from other platforms and to support that we see that WP7 has attracted more than a quarter of the 200 top cross-platform developers.

Although WP7 does have the biggest growth rate, it still is a very young competitor and the true scale of the task for WP7 developers comes when we look at the next graph. Even with the minute numbers compared to Android and iPhone, the WP7 developers have already passed the WebOS App Catalog and with the Blackberry App World in its sights. With the rapid growth we could see WP7 pass Blackberry in around 4-5 months and once it has, both iPhone and Android ought to be worried.

At the moment the scene is set for WP7 to become a real competitor to Android and iPhone, in terms of App store size, the question is how long will this rapid growth last?

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