WWDC 2004

After today's keynote by Steve Jobs we know now what Apple had lurking in its lab. Today Apple announced some great new software features for its upcoming operating system Tiger, and on the hardware front new displays.

New Displays

Today Apple announced a 30-inch display (2,560-x-1,600 pixel) priced at $3,299. The downside to this besides the price is that you need a specific video card to run it. The 30-inch display requires a NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra DDL Card ($599). This massive display and all other displays (excluding the 17-inch display) sport a sexy metal brush aluminum design. So now when you sit back to look at your G5 you'll have a matching display. In a surprise move the new display lineup will all using DVI and not Apple's vaunted ADC interface. Below is list of Apples new display lineup.

  • 20-Inch Cinema $1,299

  • 23-Inch Cinema HD $1,999

  • 30-Inch Cinema HD $3,299

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News source: In House

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