Xbox 2 detailed specifications leaked

Velocity3k has posted about a detailed leak of hardware information related to the Xbox 2 launch. Xbox 2, currently called the Xenon (think intel?), looks to pack quite a punch, with the leak giving gamers a detailed insight into the setup of the new console.

The Xenon will be powered by a 3.5+ GHz IBM PowerPC processor and a 500+ MHz ATI graphics processor, with 256+ MB of unified memory. it will run a customized version of NT, similar to the Xbox operating system. The GUI spec is based upon / superior to DX 9. The device will have inbuilt audio (Wma based), 10/100 networking, support for 4 controllers, and high definition (1080i) output as well as VGA. It will also come with a 12x DVD reader.

The document does not clarify whether or not the console will have a hard drive or not, commenting that the 'decision to include a built-in hard disk in every Xenon console has not been made. If a hard disk is not included in every console, it will certainly be available as an integrated add-on component.'

The leaked document concludes that the 'design process is well under way, but the final look of the box has not been determined'. It also remarks that the console will be smaller than the Xbox; however, the controller will maintain (more or less) the same design as the previous model. It notes that 'changes are the removal of the Black and White buttons and the addition of shoulder buttons. The triggers, thumbsticks, D-pad, and primary buttons are essentially unchanged. The controller will support vibration. '

You can read the whole document via the link below, at Clearly, the document could be fake. It is well known that the Xbox 2 would be using PowerPC chips; to HD or not to HD also features in the leak, something we also already know. Many other features of the leak have already come out in one form or another - example- the tri-core claim surfaced with this diagram back in April - making it seem a little less unbelievable. Draw your own conclusions - We will no doubt get further clarification in the near future.

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